While they might be mistaken for an alien and their name assumed to be a shorthand for Martian, they are neither aliens nor from Mars. They are little helper spirits who do their best to bring joy to those around them, and while they can’t really do a whole lot due to their size, they never fail to cheer on their chosen person. No two Martys are the same, with many taking on themes based on their person’s interests or desires. Inquisitive and fun loving, a Marty wants nothing more than to see their chosen person happy, enjoying sitting near them and rooting for their success.




Much like the Marty, the Katzenball (literally Cat ball) enjoys sitting beside their chosen person and offering silent support. While they can’t vocalize their pleasure to their person, they are more than happy to sit and listen to what is wrong, what needs to be taken care of, you name it. They’re quite happy to listen to their person’s problems, and if they have a partner or another spirit to speak with, will do their best to get an idea of how to fix the problem and try to convey it to their person either through inspiration or a dream.




Lacking hands and having issues in attempting to balance while moving about, Grophets tend to just remain seated once they find a comfortable spot. Like their other spirit friends, Grophets are there to offer support and reassurance to their chosen human. Grophets prefer to watch and observe while Katzenballs prefer to listen, and the two often work together to try to make sure their chosen human is happy and filled with inspiration.




Mythago are less a helper spirit and more an observer and cataloger of information, and apparently it has a specific name in paranormal circles, specifically that of a shadow creature. Mythago is usually like a weird 2 dimensional sheet that floats through the house, with one side brightly colored, and the other (I’m guessing its front?) looks like a star filled night. They are a really interesting thing to see, and they seem completely harmless and beautiful to look at. If one decides to choose a specific human, they have been known to observe and in rare instances, guard their human from malignant spirits.

From Long Island Paranormal Investigators about this sort of thing:

“2-Dimensional Entities – Some have theorized that shadows are only 2 dimensional in structure (they have length and wide but no depth). It is theorized that shadows can only be seen when looked at by right-angles (i.e. 90 degrees or close to its profile). When viewed straight on or directly from behind they can not be seen because they have no depth (thickness). When a shadow seems to appear and disappear it might just be turning from side profile to head-on and visa-versa.”


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