A Gianna Jessen Masterpost

theeelwhisperer: Though a full investigation has never been conducted (to the best of my knowledge), I still believe that it can be demonstrated that Gianna Jessen has fabricated most or all of her story. The articles cited here are included at the end of this post in the bibliography. 1. The Timescale The basic summaryContinue reading “A Gianna Jessen Masterpost”

Dear Men’s Rights Activists

My name is Michea, (Look up the name…I am not missing an L like so many of you like to say) and I’m a 32 year old male. More than just that, I’m a transsexual male. Despite what you guys like to say, I am not transitioning to a male body because I desire aContinue reading “Dear Men’s Rights Activists”

Possible blurb for The Hidden Keys (title work in progress)

Being one of the top researchers in your field is never easy; but when your field is often lumped into the same category as hunting for Bigfoot or aliens building the pyramids, it gets that much harder. Not one to back down from the jeers of her fellow professors, Dr. Sigyn Lokasenna is dead setContinue reading “Possible blurb for The Hidden Keys (title work in progress)”

From Sigyn’s Papers- History

What would have happened if Russia had never attacked?  Would the Cold War have ended peacefully?  Would we be as technologically advanced as we are today?  Perhaps, in some other universe, the Cold War ended, not in near obliteration of our world, but in… View Post