Erasure of trans men in the trans community

This is in response to the article/tweet thread called, “Please stop erasing trans men from trans issues” Ok, so here’s my issues with these two responses. Bottom response first: Saying this continues to uphold and keep the status quo that harms men (cis and trans). This gives fuel to TERF’s lie that trans women areContinue reading “Erasure of trans men in the trans community”

Teaching Our Kids How to Be Safe

Up next on Ian didn’t read the article: View image on Twitter Ian Miles Cheong ✔@stillgray Fuck off forever with this degeneracy. 11:06 AM – Jan 1, 2018 From the article: “This isn’t about sexualising young people, but accepting that at some point your children will become interested in sex – they need to beContinue reading “Teaching Our Kids How to Be Safe”

We tried to warn you

Transcribed from a August 15, 2017 Twitter Thread. For years we’ve tried to warn you of this, but you brushed it off as “trolls” or people doing it to get a reaction. You ignored our warnings, and now you’re surprised when they march down your streets? Several years ago I started noticing “nazi” style postsContinue reading “We tried to warn you”

It’s Time to Stand Up

Transcribed from Twitter Moment “It’s Time to Stand Up“. We need to stop telling poc that THEY need to deal with white supremacists. We white folk need to step up our fucking game and fight this! White people of all walks benefit from white supremacy, WE need to step up and make an effort toContinue reading “It’s Time to Stand Up”


Transcribed from a July 26, 2017 Twitter thread. Every day people who aren’t cisgender, heterosexual, white, or male discover that rights on paper don’t always mean rights in real life. We shouldn’t have to keep pointing this out. For those who still don’t get it: #TransRightsAreHumanRights We are human beings, we deserve the same rightsContinue reading “#TransRightsAreHumanRights”