I Shouldn’t Be Afraid, But I Am

My hands sweat as I readjust my keys, making sure they stick out between my fingers. I’ve done this since I started driving, the constant reminder of my parents that I could be attacked on my way to the car ringing in my ears. I don’t carry a purse, and my back pack is heldContinue reading “I Shouldn’t Be Afraid, But I Am”

We Have the Resources

People claim that we can’t ensure everyone’s basic needs are met (food, shelter, clothing, fresh water, etc). Yet it’s not because we lack the resources to do it. We as a society lack the COMPASSION and EMPATHY to do it. UPDATE: Some people have stated that the only rights we have are “life, liberty, andContinue reading “We Have the Resources”

The Great Poxsicle Wars: The rising decline of childhood vaccinations

There were eight words I positively hated when I had the Chickenpox; “Stop scratching, you’ll just make it itch more.” Now that I’m an adult, I can understand that my parents were trying to help me avoid scarring caused by scratching the blisters, but back then—I thought they were trying to torture me. When my daughter wasContinue reading “The Great Poxsicle Wars: The rising decline of childhood vaccinations”