Feast of Fools vs April Fools

Ok, needing to clear something up since I’ve kind of been having my feed spammed by the ever sexy Clopin Trouillefou (Please, by all means keep up the pictures, I can’t get enough of them!). The Feast of Fools, made popular by Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is NOT the same holiday as AprilContinue reading “Feast of Fools vs April Fools”

Those Standing in the Wings

While the focus when it comes to sexual violence both on and off campus has been predominantly on cisgendered women (and it has every reason to be, as they are the largest group targeted), far too often people forget that there are others out there. People often forget that transgender people are targeted at almostContinue reading “Those Standing in the Wings”

Evolution of Satan, God, and the Changes to the Norse Pantheon Through Christianity

Originally, Satan didn’t exist as we know him today. In the Old Testament, there wasn’t even a devil or Satan, as it was believed that everything (good AND bad) was because of God. I can go more into that one, or give you some really interesting videos to watch if you’re interested about how GodContinue reading “Evolution of Satan, God, and the Changes to the Norse Pantheon Through Christianity”