On the topic of rape jokes and DV jokes

CW: Discussion of rape jokes, rape, domestic violence, and DV jokes. Please note, this is being written by a survivor of both domestic violence and rape. This is not a blanket statement for ALL survivors, this is specifically speaking from the point of a survivor using dark/gallows humor to heal from traumatic events.  EDIT: Yes,Continue reading “On the topic of rape jokes and DV jokes”

It’s the little victories that make it worth it

Since coming out in 2014 I’ve been dealing with a lot of people pretty much refusing to acknowledge I’m a man because I still look female. My mother in law even went so far as to not just call it a phase…yeah, I’m 35 and just having a “phase”…right, but to tell me that IContinue reading “It’s the little victories that make it worth it”

He’s Just a Child

Names have been changed to protect those involved, even the scum who did this. CONTENT WARNING: ABUSE, SEXUAL ASSAULT, RAPE, CHILD ABUSE “He’s just a child.” Those words will haunt me for the rest of my days. “He’s just like a child himself, he didn’t understand what he did was wrong.” I stood there, numbContinue reading “He’s Just a Child”

Love, Muses, and the Reverse Friendzone

So back in 1999 I met an individual that would later be the one who helped me see just how much of a waste of human protoplasm my ex-husband was.  I met Archer (not his real name, obviously) through an online game known as a MUD.  For those not in the loop, MUDs were theContinue reading “Love, Muses, and the Reverse Friendzone”

How $10 became “I Will Never Trust You Again”

While I was born in Oregon, my parents moved down to southern California before I was three.  After my brother was born, we moved up to Davis.  I went through third grade without too many issues, well aside from the alien abduction that has left the scar on the right side of my forehead.  IContinue reading “How $10 became “I Will Never Trust You Again””