On Inclusive Language Regarding Pregnancy

I’m a trans man who is also the proud parent of one biological child and two step children. If being inclusive of people like me when it comes to pregnancy hurts your feelings….I just have to ask, are you 5, or are you just an asshole?   The reason I ask, is because it’s clearContinue reading “On Inclusive Language Regarding Pregnancy”

TERF Warning Signs and Clues.

So….I’ve decided to go through various TERFs and TEFs that I’ve blocked and compile a list of “clues” and “warning signs” that someone might be a TERF/TEF.¬†Obviously a quick check of their TL will generally give them away, but these are for “quick glance” checks. ¬†1)¬†“Old School Lesbo” is one to check, especially when pairedContinue reading “TERF Warning Signs and Clues.”

Erasure of trans men in the trans community

This is in response to the article/tweet thread called, “Please stop erasing trans men from trans issues” Ok, so here’s my issues with these two responses. Bottom response first: Saying this continues to uphold and keep the status quo that harms men (cis and trans). This gives fuel to TERF’s lie that trans women areContinue reading “Erasure of trans men in the trans community”

Those Standing in the Wings

While the focus when it comes to sexual violence both on and off campus has been predominantly on cisgendered women (and it has every reason to be, as they are the largest group targeted), far too often people forget that there are others out there. People often forget that transgender people are targeted at almostContinue reading “Those Standing in the Wings”