Feast of Fools vs April Fools

Ok, needing to clear something up since I’ve kind of been having my feed spammed by the ever sexy Clopin Trouillefou (Please, by all means keep up the pictures, I can’t get enough of them!). The Feast of Fools, made popular by Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is NOT the same holiday as AprilContinue reading “Feast of Fools vs April Fools”

Why telling someone “don’t get raped” only adds to the problem.

I grew up with the constant feeling of hyper vigilance and fear of being attacked. Not because I lived in a crime filled area, or because I was in a war zone, but because of what I was taught as a young child and young adult. Women and trans men are raised with the notionContinue reading “Why telling someone “don’t get raped” only adds to the problem.”

In Defense of Anakin and Kylo

Growing up I always enjoyed movies like Star Wars, but I hated the messages people took from them to use on me. I came to loathe the Jedi due to people talking about how I should be more like them, how I shouldn’t let my emotions take control. I wanted to scream every time someoneContinue reading “In Defense of Anakin and Kylo”