89434083_1066915463678578_1634574229695365120_oI am a trans masc person who hails from southern Oregon, where I write for various sites such as Medium, The Mighty, and my own personal blog. While I write about multiple topics, my main focuses are on transgender rights, mental health, and reproductive rights. 

I also enjoy writing fiction, both original and fan creations, and you can check out my original works over on the side bar, and my fan works in the drop down menu at the top of the screen.

I am currently going to college at Southern Oregon University for an Interdisciplinary Degree, after having received my Associate of the Arts with a focus in psychology from Rogue Community College in 2015.

I have been with my partners for 11 and 5 years respectively, and I am the proud father of three awesome kids and three wonderful fur babies (pictured is Titan).

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