Breaking down the misinformation of the article “Gender Ideology Harms Children”

For those who are not aware of the American College of Pediatricians, I would suggest taking a quick stroll to here, here, here, and here for a quick little introduction.

The group was formed in 2002 as a protest against of all things (GASP!) the American Academy of Pediatrics support for adoption by gay couples. These people are a lot like a medical version of Focus on the Family and other well known religious hate groups that are attempting to push things such as abstinence only education(which has been proven not to work), attacking homosexuality and people of the LGBT community,  continuing to talk about a completely debunked claim about abortion and breast cancer, and being used by complete nutcases like Michelle Bachman and John Boehner when they are trying to find “medical proof” to back up their discriminatory platforms.

Remember folks, if less than 100% of people disagree with you,that means that somewhere you’ll find someone who will agree with you!

As a pro-choice and pro-LGBT advocate, I have had several run ins with this group and people using their God awful “facts”. Nothing screams appeal to authority like finding the ONE group on the internet that agrees with you while the rest of the world is looking at you like you’re a moron. Also, if you haven’t watched the “If Google Was a Guy” series, put that on your to do list.

The ACP’s article on gender and children came onto my radar recently and I decided that I would do a nice little point by point breakdown of their article. Since it’s going to be a long breakdown, I’m going to divide it up to one point per post.

So strap in, grab your psych meds, and join me as we travel down the rabbit hole of ultra conservative selective science hatred that is the ACP.

-Continue on to point 1-


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