Erasure of trans men in the trans community

This is in response to the article/tweet thread called, “Please stop erasing trans men from trans issues”

Ok, so here’s my issues with these two responses. Bottom response first:

Saying this continues to uphold and keep the status quo that harms men (cis and trans). This gives fuel to TERF’s lie that trans women are just men who want attention/things to be easy. Even though that is an outright lie, stuff like this gives them “sound bytes” to use and to twist to fit their narrative. This CAN be misconstrued as trans women using male privilege (which they don’t have) to shut down trans men speaking up about their issues.

This is a silencing tactic being used by a trans woman to shut down the issues trans men are facing.

Remember, if you’re only supportive of ONE part of the issue, you’re not actually supportive of the issue. You’re a salad bar supporter. You’re picking and choosing only to support the things that affect you, which shows MASSIVE privilege on your part.

On to the top response (since Twitter gives them newest to oldest). Please scroll up if you need to check again for what was said.

Never once did I say this is a cult. But thank you for spouting TERF and “gender critical”/anti-trans rhetoric. I see post video after article to people fucking SAYING THIS TO ME over and over. I’m constantly told I need to care about my “trans sisters”. I’m constantly told that feminists need to care about their trans sisters and not just cisters.

If you suddenly take offense to the term being used because a trans man is using it, please see my previous points about the status quo and salad bar support.

Seriously, I could not have asked for a better example of silencing tactics, attempt at erasure, usage if TERF rhetoric, upholding of the status quo, sounding like a stereotype/giving fuel to TERFs, and salad bar support than these two tweets.

Bottom line is this:

Trans men are constantly being silenced and erased/looked over.

This happens not just by cis people, as you can see.

Yes, we DESERVE recognition and a say in what happens in the trans community and when it comes to trans rights. If you’re someone who believes only trans women deserve recognition and a say in what goes on for trans people, then kindly take the nearest cactus, lube it up, and go fuck yourself. I got shit on while trying to live as a woman for being vocal about my issues, and as a trans man I get the very people who I have fucking fought for trying to silence me.

Guess what, I’m not going to be silent, not any more.

Published by Michea B

Trans masc author of "The Guardian's Ascension" and owner of Illuminatus Design. Host adoptions of imaginary friends for modest rehoming fees on Etsy.

2 thoughts on “Erasure of trans men in the trans community

  1. Hi,
    I’m pretty ‘old’ with over 40 years stuck in clinics. Just wanted to let you know, it is technically possible _I_ came up with ‘support all your sisters not just your cis-ters’. It’s also equally possible many people around the world came up with the same thing independently at around the same time! I am a man and the slogan was never meant to erase males. Context: It was about places like rape crisis and refuges (then only ones aimed at women existed) banning trans women. Male privilege? I once worked at a (very rare at the time) charity for male victims of rape. It only helped cis men though. Workers there had to be men. I was on the helpline for two years before the boss called me in the office. He’d only just found out, from someone else, that I was not in fact cis. He fired me on the spot. Years later, I applied to work at a more inclusive male rape and domestic abuse charity, but although it said it was for all sexual orientations to use (as crime victims), apparently they didn’t think a gay man was a ‘convincing’ person to hire… As in, if a _straight woman_ is raped, ‘she must (party) enjoy/want it’. More years later, sent on workfare (= unpaid forced labor, that if you don’t do it or you fail or get thrown out, they stop all your welfare money) on a men-only scheme, the total lack of bathroom facilities (farming) quickly became a problem when the overseer ordered me to pee in front of them and the rest of the guys.
    In fact my favorite word to describe all males collectively: men. Including all varieties of men. Got a lot of hassle all my life for picking friends regardless of sex or color. That was called not normal.
    I liked your article on sport too. I have competed at ‘proper’ (recognized/official) level in sport only against cis males. A man who is not cis got on the US Olympic triathlon team. Trans men have beaten cis men in boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. Terfs and their allies also erase non-binary people, and people of other identities. In fact caring about feminism means educating men too. Of binary people 48%
    are men.So statistically probably over 90% of anyone’s friends are likely
    to be cis and binary. I’m deep stealth but it’s totally up to individuals to decide for themselves if they are out or not. But by positioning such men as some kind of ‘male privilege sleeper-cells’, terfs ignore that all their privilege and status for being men can vanish in a second if they are outed. They could lose anything up to their lives. Just for living as men.
    Terfs are a hate-movement. Good luck with your articles.


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