Teaching Our Kids How to Be Safe

Up next on Ian didn’t read the article:

From the article:
“This isn’t about sexualising young people, but accepting that at some point your children will become interested in sex – they need to be educated about ideas of consent and self-pleasure early on to protect them from the potential actions of others.”
Hate to break it to y’all, but teens masturbate. They think about sex. They are curious and will try things out. It is our duty as parents to be there to educate them about safe sex and yes, safe masturbation. This does not mean teaching the kid how to masturbate, or buying your kid a sex doll or the Great American Challenge when they turn 10 (seriously, read the article). This means being there to answer questions and if necessary, provide the tools for them to be safe.
It also works towards ending the stigma against female, trans, and enby teens learning about their sexuality. Western culture still treats anything outside of a man mast u r bating as taboo and “icky”, which is detrimental for healthy sexual relationships.
This goes back to my point that we need to start with teaching sexual education at a much younger age than high school.
Start with using the proper terms for body parts, start with teaching boundaries and consent. Add more to the lessons as the kid grows, have the lessons be more in depth like how pregnancy works, body positivity/acceptance, and yes safe masturbation.
Children are going to masturbate. Get used to that fact.
The choice for us parents though, is do we let them know it’s a healthy thing and how to do it safely, or push it under the rug and teach them shame and self hatred?
For anyone wanting to read the actual article, here is the link.
(Article has since been taken down)
Strangely enough, this is the title when you click the link, showing again he didn’t read it, nor did most of his fans:

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