Proof Hitler Spoke with Aliens!

Ok, so I didn’t want to have to do this, but after seeing the rise of the Neo Nazis and the return of the whole Aryan Nation crap, I have to break my silence.

You see, I’ve been sitting on this horrible secret about Hitler and the rise of the original Aryan Nation.

Most people think that the whole Aryan thing comes from the racial grouping of people of European and Western Asian heritage…basically what we now call the Caucasian race. The problem is that that’s not accurate. Hell, even the thoughts that the rise of the so called Aryan race had to do with scientific racism and white supremacy is incorrect. The master race belief is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide the truth.

Sorry, this is just so hard to talk about. I don’t even know if I will be able to make it to the end of the video before they discover I’ve broken the silence.

Hitler and his people had to hide the truth. What they wanted was to create a world for the beings they had made contact with. You might know of them as the Nordic or Aryan aliens.

 Don’t close this tab! I have to get the truth out there!

The Aryans spoke to Hitler and his people telepathically, showing them visions of a perfect world where there was no war, where everyone lived happily and poverty and suffering were distant memories. They showed Hitler a world where only those who were of the badly translated “master race” lived and thrived.

The problem was that they were showing him a vision of their own homeland, where the only surviving race of sentient beings were the Aryan or Nordic beings. They were blond haired and blue eyed, fair of skin and taller than the average human. Because their message didn’t translate properly into any of the languages known by Hitler and his people, the message of how to achieve peace and prosperity was lost.

Instead of showing Hitler how they had worked through their differences and had survived a horrific plague that had wiped out most of the species on their planet, they accidentally sewed the seeds of genocide and destruction. Where they had tried to show how they had overcome near extinction by working together, Hitler saw the need to remove those who were causing the downfall of his precious land.

The errors in translation cost us all dearly, and set our course back hundreds of years. It is because of the Aryans attempts at giving Hitler and his people hope of overcoming their struggles that we had the rise of the third Reich and the horrors of World War II.

See, the Aryans had been showing humans glimpses of things throughout history, even to the point that they visited us several times, giving us the myths of the Nephilim, the Norse Gods, and many of the stories you hear today about otherworldly beings helping out the poor and needy. We’ve seen myths about fair skinned, light eyed people all over the world coming down to us with powers beyond our own.

Unfortunately…after the errors in translation and the miscommunication that occurred with Hitler, they were banned from interacting with humans until the point that we have raised ourselves to their level. It was their mistake that threw us off course to becoming a type 3 civilization. Because of their actions, we’re stuck at not even being type 1 civilization!

Their interference back during Biblical times also threw us off course, leading to the rise of various religions that threw us into the dark ages…all because these people thought they were either the Nephilim, or they were angels sent to Earth to guide us! This of where we could be if they hadn’t interfered! Even though they did it to try to help us and guide us, they screwed us over, keeping us from our rightful place in the stars!

That’s why we have seen the increase in “alien” sightings and abductions! Because we’ve been thrown so far off path that the other members of the intergalactic councils are afraid that we might wind up getting out there before we’re ready, before we learn to deal with our violent desires and tendencies. They come down to observe us and to check to see if we’re progressing properly now that the interference has been removed.

Why do you think the government pushes the parts about the Vrill society and alien interaction/technology so far down the list of reasons for the war? Because they don’t want the truth to get out there! But because of that, we’re seen a rise of what almost destroyed us once before! Because of their need to hide the truth, we’re headed back to the path of destruction!

Only this time, it’s without the interference of an alien species….


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