Transcribed from a July 26, 2017 Twitter thread.
Every day people who aren’t cisgender, heterosexual, white, or male discover that rights on paper don’t always mean rights in real life. We shouldn’t have to keep pointing this out.

For those who still don’t get it: We are human beings, we deserve the same rights as the rest of y’all! And of course, queue the “THE MILITARY ISN’T A RIGHT!” people. It’s cute that you think I’m talking about that and not actual rights. Denying qualified people the chance to serve in the military because of their gender is just yet another level of bull trans people now deal with.

The fact that there is such a thing as the trans panic defense shows we’re still needing to fight for our rights. Look at how many trans people have been killed in just this year alone for essentially what amounts to the crime of being trans and having human interaction.

The fact that only 20 states have protections against gender discrimination shows that we’re still not equal. There are only NINE states that ban conversion therapy for minors when it comes to gender. Even though conversion therapy has been PROVEN to be harmful and detrimental to those forced into it, it’s still VERY legal in 41 states.

The fact that many trans people live in fear of coming out due to the stigma and violence against them is far more telling as to why we still need to fight for trans rights than “Ew, trans people make me uncomfortable!” is for against it. Trans people have abnormally high rates of suicide/attempts compared to cis people due to stigma, discrimination, and bullying. And this rate has only been climbing in the past few years due to the push against trans people becoming more vocal about the need for and fighting back against the attacks on trans people for being trans.

Society teaches us that trans women are “traps” who trick men into dating them, only to surprise them with having a penis. Trans people aren’t some weird version of a Shirime, they’re human beings who deserve to have the same rights and treatment as any other human being.

The fact that trans people, DESPITE SCIENCE BACKING THEM UP, continue to have to prove they’re legitimate shows us how willing society is to dismiss them and deny them basic human rights and dignity. We as a society care more when we misgender someone’s dog than we apparently do when we misgender a person.

The fact that our healthcare is often considered “elective” or “cosmetic” while ED pills are at times considered medically necessary, shows that trans people are not viewed as equal when it comes to medical care. Many insurances don’t cover trans healthcare, which stops many people who WANT to transition from being able to do so. HRT alone can cost more than someone’s rent per month, and surgeries (if necessary) are in the tens of thousands of dollars leaving those without trans healthcare coverage to either crowdfund, or suffer. Many insurance companies have essentially said that trans people are less deserving of healthcare than cis people. It boggles my mind at how something deemed MEDICALLY NECESSARY by a doctor(s) would be viewed as “cosmetic” or “elective” to insurance.

Want to learn more about trans rights and the fight for them? Check out the following sites and organizations:

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