Birth Control IS Healthcare!

(Seriously, if you think it’s not…please never have sex again.)

For those in the back who missed the title: BIRTH CONTROL IS HEALTHCARE!

Now then…time for some educating! Birth control has many uses outside of preventing pregnancy. Outside of that, here are several others that you should know:

It can be used to protect against ovarian and uterine cancer.

It can be used to prevent ovarian cysts (something I deal with).

It can be used to help lessen the pain of people dealing with dysmenorrhea.

Suffering from anemia and “female”? Birth control can help with that!

Birth control can help with what are known as “menstrual migraines.”
Dealing with amenorrhea? Birth control can help treat that and help balance a hormone deficiency!

It can also be used in the treatment of PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Want more reading on why birth control IS healthcare?

Even the CATHOLIC CHURCH acknowledges there are medical reasons for using it.

Let’s also not forget that hysterectomies are “birth control” (EXPENSIVE BC). Should I have just let my cancer ravage my body and kill me?

But birth control is not just limited to cis women or trans men!

There are birth control options out there for men as well! And taking control of your reproductive abilities is good for your health & sexy! Did you know that many Planned Parenthood locations offer low cost or free vasectomies for men? This is because unfortunately too many people don’t consider it a form of birth control, so it’s not covered as such under the PPACA. But it is still healthcare! And it should be treated just like any other form of healthcare and be covered as such!

A vasectomy is a much more straightforward, minor procedure when compared to a tubal ligation. While it is not protected and mandated under PPACA, it is covered by many private plans as well as many state plans! Not to mention that outside of health benefits, there’s the cost saving benefits! It is more cost-effective than the cost of most birth controls and other sterilization procedures. Not to mention it is WAY less expensive than prenatal, delivery and postnatal costs from getting pregnant. And on top of all of that, a vasectomy can provide mental health benefits in the form of less stress about getting someone pregnant! And you don’t have to worry about your partner forgetting to take their birth control. Outside of an STD risk, you’re now plug and play!

No extra installation or coverage additions!

To recap, here’s just a few of the MEDICAL conditions that can be treated using birth control:

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