Possible blurb for The Hidden Keys (title work in progress)

Being one of the top researchers in your field is never easy; but when your field is often lumped into the same category as hunting for Bigfoot or aliens building the pyramids, it gets that much harder. Not one to back down from the jeers of her fellow professors, Dr. Sigyn Lokasenna is dead set on proving her theories are more than the stuff of legend. When your field of choice is Occult Sciences, it’s not just a difficult task; it’s just that much easier for your rivals to not just discredit you…but to steal your work and claim it as their own.

When a giant jet black inverted pyramid mysteriously rises from the ground outside Mexico City, with jungle exploding all around it; Sigyn does what any “sane” archaeologist with something to prove would do. With a motley team of those least likely to be seen in the same room together, including an MIT engineering student who refuses to believe in the supernatural, a museum curator who has a fixation on the god Quetzalcoatl, and a business man who acts as if he’s Hugh Hefner’s younger brother; Sigyn sets out to unravel the mystery of the pyramid before her rival and fellow archaeologist, Dr. Moros Gipson, can get his hands on her work and take all the credit.

Published by Michea B

Trans masc author of "The Guardian's Ascension" and owner of Illuminatus Design. Host adoptions of imaginary friends for modest rehoming fees on Etsy.

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